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Retoyman Archival Image. Ju Xiaowen NYFW AW11 in casting. Even candid photos of Ju Xiaowen display her spritely attitude and grace.

Selfies I send to the bae. ✨

bae is sooo lucky



In a selfie mood. Goodnight pals xo


Can’t sleep.

Still can’t sleep.
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You ever talk to someone and kinda have a thing with them for a few months then they fuck you over and it turns out who they’re dating now is like friends with everyone you know back where you used to live and you didn’t even know that till now and you had been thinking bout moving back to your hometown but now that you know what you do it’s kinda like why even move back at all cause you don’t wanna see that person who fucked you over or who they’re with now and it’s almost like meeting that one person fucked everything up entirely along with kinda breaking your heart?